Digiclickmoney About UsI am Ramesh L Sawant from Pune India. I worked with Indian Auto / Auto component industry for more than 30 years. Currently i am in the process of starting my own venture. Its a tough task. I have started this blog out of my passion. I read lot on internet. I sensed opportunity to earn very decent money online. I am verifying all sources and data. The intention of this blog is to help all individuals who wants to succeed on line. I will be sharing various tips and trusted sources. I will guide to get directed and be focused. If you go alone without any guidance there are chances you will be lost in information jungle reaching nowhere. It happened with many including me.

This is interactive blog for those who are ready to put efforts and earn. This is not a quick rich site. If you want to become millionaire within short time then this is not for you. I request all aspirants to read carefully ,learn the tactics and apply with experiment mind set. Test what suits you and make a plan which may extend up to four to five years. You will get very rich and quality information all time through this blog. I request all of you to participate with business spirit and make this journey successful. Let us explore the wonderful online world with helping each other.

Very much thanks for reading this. All the Best.