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affialite marketingThis is in continuation with my article E commerce on this blog. Out of many options of E commerce, affiliate marketing is best option to promote quality products to earn high online income. It is performance based marketing in which business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliates own marketing efforts. Here we will discuss affiliate marketing from the perspective of online or internet marketing.

Concept of affiliate marketing to promote good quality affiliate products to earn high online money is simple.  Merchant (also known as `retailer` or `brand`) wants to sell his or her goods through business associates. Affiliate is his business associate. Merchant offers various goods or products to affiliates. Now affiliate has to choose the products which he wants to market. Affiliate is also known as publisher.  Affiliate has nothing to do with stores, inventory, investment or any fulfillment responsibility. He chooses one of the product or site itself by registering with merchant. Merchant offers a hyperlink with all details. Publisher or affiliate now publishes or make advertisement of this link using his marketing skills over internet. Visitors interested in particular products through keyword searches reaches to affiliate link. Visitor clicks the link and link takes him to merchant’s website. Visitor reads all details and if he chooses to buy the product he or she orders the same. Here visitor is converted into a customer who pays for the item. The moment sale takes place publisher or affiliate gets his or her commission.   

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular and successful concept to earn enormous money online. Affiliate has no role other than marketing the link of a product or website. Everything related is taken care by merchant. Literally you can do this business with zero investment. Customer never knows who is affiliate .It is also beneficial to merchant. It is the type of leveraged income means you are earning through the efforts of thousands of affiliates with nominal and minimal cost. Affiliates are like your marketing personnel who will be paid against performance means sale. It is completely win win situation for affiliate and merchant.

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There are thousands of e commerce and other sites which work through affiliates. One more thing to be noted here. Merchant need not to be producer or manufacturer of the goods or services. Just like publisher, producer of goods can register with Merchant for sale of his product. Here merchant charges some amount to producer. This can be done by two ways. First is merchant collects the stock from producer and does everything further till delivery. Second option is merchant passes the order to manufacturer and in turn manufacturer fulfills the order. Literally each and everything is sold through this concept. You can sell mobiles, smart phones, books, coaching programs, websites and many more things. So there is scope for everybody who wants to try this. Thousands of affiliates are making huge all time efforts to market the chosen products. Needless to say results are bound to come when skill of thousands of persons are combined together.

Affiliates market the link through multiple ways. We will discuss all these marketing strategies one by one in subsequent chapters. Link is advertised through social media, directories, traffic exchanges, classified advertisements (Paid or free), e mail marketing etc. Even people develop websites, Blogs , landing pages etc. These are all online ways. You can also make advertisement of your online business using offline methods. One can advertise in newspaper, hoardings, arrange seminars, distribute leaflets etc. Offline advertisements attract visitors who do not work online frequently.

Earlier we saw opportunities to earn money with simple work like paid to click sites, filling survey forms etc. Here you will earn instant money without any investment. However earning will be in cents and it takes long time to earn decent money which requires hundreds of referrals. Progress is very slow and requires lot of patience. Affiliate marketing on the other hand offers you opportunity to earn more. You have to select good products with good commission and apply online marketing techniques. It may take some time to happen first sale, however you have to be persistent with your efforts. Never Quit.

Success Brand –

There are many well known successful examples worldwide and region wise also. I always like to quote name of Amazon. com as most successful example of an  e commerce website .The success is possible only with affiliates. Amazon is an American electronic commerce company with headquarters in Seattle, Washington. It is the largest Internet based retailer in the United States. Amazon has started as an online bookstore later diversified to sell DVD, Blue Ray, CD`s etc. Further they started to sell apparel, furniture, food, toys, Jwellery etc. Amazon has separate retail websites in 15 countries including China, India, and Germany etc.  Affiliates can choose from about 1 lakh products available on Amazon. This is just one example.

Amazon is the most trusted online brand. E bay, Commission Junction, Strong Future International, Click bank etc are the prominent examples of grand success worldwide.  In India Flip kart is a big success on internet. These grand success is possible due to millions of affiliates who are making day and night efforts to sell products and companies are becoming bigger and bigger. The commission varies from site to site.

Let me remind you that online money is not easy money. Do not fall prey to claims of overnight riches .If you work with dedication you will definitely succeed an any area of earning you chose. You will get  lot of guidance on net free and paid both. You can write your any query in comments section I will respond the same at earliest.  Follow my blog and start promoting good quality products to earn huge online.

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