Basics Of Business

basics of business

basics of businessEverybody must understand basics of business. There are some fundamental things associated whether it is online business or offline business. The all rules of online business are equally applicable to online business. The only difference is the methods which you apply. Comparatively investment is less with more comfortable environment in terms of physical efforts. I mean you do not have to call or go to office .move in field etc etc. Other factors are almost equally same . However Smart work is the key for success.

Now think of very basics of business. I will ask you a question. When money is exchanged in our life ? The very simple answer is you always exchange money when you get something in return to you. This something may be an physical object, piece of advice or medical consultation. Now come to our business online .When you expect money? Why one should pay for you? Just think of. You have to give something which customer may require. It can be anything as discussed. It is same elements of market Customer and Seller or Employee. You give something useful to customer and get money for you. Keep this fundamental principle underlined always.

We will elaborate now. Business requires exchange of service against cash. Service means anything useful like selling a product ,ideas, information or useful work like typing , searching data etc. You will get money only when you exchange something customer requires.

In offline world you will sell items like car, mobile, education or professional services like cash. The same logic applies online also. Here also you have to exchange something for cash. Online world has offered you many nonconventional easy methods with very less capital to earn money. I will explain you two examples to elaborate my point.

  1. When you move on roads or read newspapers you come across many advertisements. You read it but you wont get anything for it I mean for reading. Online world has offered you opportunity to earn cash when you just view /read the advertisement for a specified amount of time. The amount may be less here. Here you are exchanging or selling your time for the cash.
  2. You listen music many times in home, hotels, workplace etc. You drive some joy from it. However you will not get any cash for the same. On Internet there are sites which offer you some money when you listen the music or video.

 Value of such activities is very much low but you get some cash which when accumulated over the time becomes significant. Let me summarize. You will get money either online or offline against exchange of something which is useful to customer. Quantum of money varies from some pennies to few dollars. As such there is no free money anywhere either online or offline.

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