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ClixSense is another best PTC site to earn online money immediately without any investment with simple tasks. It was started in Feb 2007 by Mr. Steven Grisky. Later it was sold to his associate Mr. Jim Grago in May 2010.  It is also one of the trusted website. It has multiple ways to earn apart from clicking ads.


How it Works

You get about 20 to 25 advertisements daily depending upon your geographical location. Western countries and USA gets more ads than Eastern countries. It pays you as a standard member from 0.001 dollars to 0.02 dollars. It has another ways like  free offers, playing clix grid ,shopping on line, paid surveys. micro tasks, contests ,referring others etc. Clix grid is a popular feature on this site and has been copied at other places. Neobux has similar feature in the form of Ad prize. Basically user will click on an area of an image within the grid and ad will open up. If you view ad for full time. You got chances to win prizes between 0.010 to 10 dollars. Paid surveys is also best feature to earn. However as per my experience In India most likely you get screed out from surveys.

One of the interesting feature I observed here is that you are forced to view ad for specified period to get credited. Whenever you click the ad  ,you have to choose the cat image and click it and then view the ad. If  you click something else while viewing the ad or if you run ad on backend you will not any credit. You must focus the advertisement without doing any other activity on the computer. It is assurance to advertisers that their ad will be seen by prospects 100 % of time for which they paid the site.

It is having best referral scheme. As a standard members you can recruit direct referrals without any limit.  You get commission when your referral clicks an advertisement or do some other paid activity. If you want to really multiply the income you can upgrade your standard membership to Premium membership. As a premium member you can upto 8 levels down.  Whenever your direct referrals upgrade, you’re instantly paid $2.00! If you are a Premium member and if your referrals refer others who also upgrade you are instantly paid $1.00 for each upgrade through 8 levels! You just got paid for doing nothing! Up gradation cost is only 17 dollars per year. However premium membership does not guarantee you more ads. It is advantageous only if you are capable to refer others. You will get paid through your activities of your down line. You have a very good chance to multiply your income many times through active referrals.

Earning Potential

How much you can earn from clixsense depends completely upon your activities and number of referrals. More the active referrals more the income. I will just share information here. As on date most active sponsor all the time is having 13886 active members. This is definitely not a overnight task. The member is on site since Nov 2010. This is achievement over 5 years. Just imagine 0.1 dollars income per month per referral. Income is about 1388 dollars per month. I have taken very conservative figures. Actual income must be much higher than this. It is not an easy task to refer others but you can make it possible if you apply marketing techniques. When you start you will learn everything.


Clix sense is also having one of the best forum wherein you can interact with fellow members. You will get answers for all your queries. The site is having very good combination of font, colour and images. As such there are no major complaints about this site. Payments are in time. Only one thing the no of advertisements you get depends upon your geographical location. Surveys also do not work for Indian members. Otherwise site is a very good site.

If you are new I suggest you to join these 2 sites only. One is Neobux and other is clixsense. You spend quality time at least for 3 months. You will be in better position to decide further. In any case you should not join more than 5 sites if you want to try other important techniques. I will suggest you other sites subsequently. Now its time for action. Just click the link below and start earning within next few minutes without any investment.

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