Earn From Online Survey Sites Free: Some Additional Sites

Find herewith few more online survey sites free which are genuine and trusted one. I repeat, earning from survey sites is a slow process. You have to work continuously with various sites and go on adding rewards in small amounts. This is more truer for eastern countries than western countries.

1. Paid View Point

This online survey site is operated by aytm.com. AYTM stands for Ask Your Target Market. The Paidveiwpoint is one of the paid surveys program, managed and operated by AYTM. There are many team members in aytm. The co-founder of Aytm is David Handel and Lev Mazin. Lev Mazin is also the CEO of Aytm. Tom Tovar is the board member of Aytm.

Sign procedure is simple. Once you sign you will get surveys to your e mail box. Alternatively you can log once a day to check whether any survey is waiting for you. This is slightly different from other sites. They have two types of surveys. First one is trait survey where in you have to answer 10 short questions which you can complete within 3 minutes. This will enable to make 0.03 dollars. You have to build trait score with these surveys. Certain questions are repeated many times, If you are honest your answers will be same for majority of times. It is a test of honesty. This will increase your trait score. Your goal is to achieve 9000 points. They will put you in the top 10 % of PV members. More the trait points more the surveys. You will also get high valued surveys once you score good trait points.

One more interesting feature of this online survey is that you will never be screened out. Once you get invitation you will be paid 100 percent. Many other sites throw you out when you are in the middle of surveys for various reasons. You’re all efforts and time is lost. This will not happen with Paid view point. You can increase your earnings with referrals. You can get 20% of earnings of your referral cash out amount each time. But to earn from referral, your referral must be active and earn for themselves and must cash out.


You will get paid via pay pal account once you accumulate 15 dollars. Please take care to give correct id of PayPal   account and mobile number which is not going to change. Paid view point has a system to verify this data before you cash out. If you change your details your balance will be frozen for six months from the date of change. It is a genuine site which will not waste your efforts by screening you out. Earning is bit slowly but still it is recommended because of simplicity of surveys. Click the link below and join immediately. http://paidviewpoint.com 

2.View Point Panel

This is an international site having total 13 panels worldwide. Every nation has its own panel. Panels are existing for countries like US, India, UK. Canada. Malaysia, Australia etc. Registration process is simple. Surveys are sent to your e mail. It is absolutely free to join like other sites. If you want to receive good number of surveys you must complete your profile data 100 percent.


For every survey you complete you will be rewarded with money. The more surveys you complete successfully more you earn. Amount of money you receive for paid surveys / Focus studies depends upon the length and type of survey. Average compensation varies between 0.5 dollars to 5 dollars or more.

Money can be transferred to pay pal account once you accumulate 12.5 dollars. Only drawback I can see that I did not find any referral link to promote this site. This means you do not have opportunity to multiply your income through referrals. You please visit the site at http://viewpointpanel.com and join the panel as per your country.

3.Star Panel

Star panel is started in 2011 and is owned by the famous Star India Pvt. Ltd. Panel was created in co operation with the market research company Nepa India Private ltd who manages the panel. It is community of opinion leaders who want to make their voice heard. You will receive surveys from star panel and other 500 fortune companies who want to learn from you in order to make their products better.You have to register this panel through their site only. Surveys will be sent to your e mail box on various topics. The e mail will provide you with information on the length of survey and reward you will receive for completing it. Generally survey takes 5 to 10 minutes. Surveys will be sent from various companies and can address wide range of topics.


They do not offer cash incentive instead you get vouchers. Once you reach  Rs 100 you will get Big cinema  or flip kart voucher. You also can donate your earnings to various NGO`s through Give India. The donations will be distributed once in a quarter as per your vote. I did not find any referral link to promote this site. It means you do not have opportunity to earn through referrals like other sites. You can visit the site at starpanel.startv.in 

Other Observations

I have tried many sites. I read many good reviews for site like send earnings, cash crate etc. I tried my best. However I did not get sufficient surveys from these sites. It is my observation that for International surveys sites most preferred countries are USA, UK, Australia and some other European countries than Asian countries. If anybody has other views please put into comments section. I contacted crash crate site: complained  about not getting surveys and offers.I got the same answer what I wrote above. However please try all sites I recommended, you will definitely earn some money from these online survey sites without any investment. You also can search through Google, read reviews and try other sites on your judgment without paying any single dime.

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