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online surveyOnline survey is one more simple and easy method to earn online using your free time. No investment. It is free. What is survey ? It is simply a set of questions related to a specific topic with the intention to collect some useful data which can be used for various purposes. Surveys are very important to a organization as it gives you a data on which future actions and strategies can be planned. Literally surveys are useful for all institutions, organizations in all fields like manufacturing, medicines, sports and Governments Large corporations, departmental stores require data to formulate their action plans and strategy. It helps Government to frame their policies and schemes depending on census data for example. Let us take example of a Car. Automobile industry is very high capital oriented and competitive. Customer plays a key role. Company wants to launch a new car which will be accepted by customers. They want to know what is in mind of prospective buyers. Hence a survey is designed to collect the data about colors, price, average, additional new features etc. This will be customer’s voice. Findings are validated and summarized. This will be input to design of your new car.

How Online Surveys are conducted

There are two basic methods

  1. Administered Surveys – These are conducted by a real person who meets targeted people either personally or on telephone. He introduces himself and requests the person to give his or her honest and frank opinion about the topic. He administers or guides the complete survey process and ensures the correct data. This was the only method before internet era. It is a costly process when compared to online method. However accuracy of data is more correct with this method.
  2. Self Administered Surveys – These are online surveys administered by members only. There is nobody to guide you. You yourself have to read and understand questions and reply accordingly. Online surveys are broader family of self administered surveys.

You are using your time to give your opinions which are useful for various purposes like development of new product etc. You can send invitations across the globe within few seconds with very less cost. However there are some serious concerns about online surveys. The participants may give fake or inconsistent opinions without reading and understanding; Survey companies are making their best efforts to overcome this problem. You are screened out for inconsistent answers. They put certain quality questions to just check whether participant is reading properly or not. For example out of many choices they ask you to answer a specific choice. If participant selects choice randomly without reading questions he or she immediately

Gets screened out.

It is an easy way to earn money from online surveys without any investment. The payment you get is not much. However it can top up your regular income which will cover some of the expenses.

How Online Surveys Work

Online market research companies are always on the lookout for members of their panels. Panel is always dedicated to a particular function/subject/topic etc. Generally retails firms, houses, IT organizations, and pharmacy companies’ etc contract online research companies to get consumer input on their products. Consumer panels are set up often based on demographic profile, age and interests. It is expected to get response to surveys (Set of Questions) designed to get inputs from consumers in the development and improvement of products. It is also designed to check how the brand is perceived across the globe.

Online survey includes product concept studies wherein you will be asked for your opinions about a new soon to be launched product based on pictures and descriptions shown. Online Surveys are for multiple purposes. Some will query you on the usage of a particular type of product while others would seek your comments on the clarity and effectiveness of a product advertising copy.In some cases you will receive a sample of product to test and use your opinion will have impact on everything from product performance to style. Variety features. Pricing among others. The goal is to decide what product ideas are winners and which are losers.

Generally you will be contacted through e mail to participate in survey that suits your profile. Survey time may vary from 3 minutes for a short survey to 30 minutes plus for a long survey. You have to respond survey invitation within targeted date. A quota is also decided for each survey. The survey closes when either of conditions happens earlier. Many times a set of questions sent to test whether you qualify to a particular survey. It is called Qualification Surveys.

Earning Potential

You will be paid from few cents to few dollars depending on the type of survey. Please note you cannot become rich from survey income. Definitely you earn money from online surveys without investment. It is always a top up income. Many good paying surveys are limited to USA, UK Canada etc. If you are from these countries you are having better chances to earn more than rest. Surveys can be completed from comfort of your home in your spare time. Do not get carried by the claims of earning thousands of dollars per month by just filling few surveys per day. They are all scams. You can reach this level only when you have good and active referrals down the line. This will take years if you work consistency daily with application of internet marketing techniques.

What to Do

  • Join as many good sites as you can. The more the numbers better chances to earn money from online surveys without any investment.
  • Respond surveys immediately otherwise once quota is completed you will not able to participate
  • Create and update your profile strictly with correct information
  • Give honest and sincere replies. Software are capable to catch inconsistent answers and site may ban you or will not send further surveys and will not pay for your options.
  • Try to increase your earnings through referrals. Learn online marketing techniques for the same.

What Not to Do

  • Completing survey in hurried manner and with false information.
  • Do not pay any hefty amount to register a panel. All sites are free to join. When you pay you will get a list of sites of survey sites which will otherwise available free through search engines. Even if you want a free readymade list please refer my blog I will give you tested and proven survey sites absolutely free.


You may be rewarded cash, discounts or points which may be converted for items or you get chances to win the cash draws. Once again I emphasize that you cannot become rich with online surveys alone. Definitely you will get decent money of few hundred dollars per month which will supplement your regular income. You can earn thousands of dollars only when you have a big list of down line members who are active. This will take few years.

Please do write me for any questions or queries I will be happy to guide you.

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