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financial-freedomI have introduced you very simple ways to earn online. However it is just start. Real stuff is yet to come. Before going ahead try to understand the concept of financial freedom. As name suggests it is freedom from worrying about money . Is it possible? Income forever means financial freedom. If you are an employee you will not get income forever. You stop working income also stops. If you are fired from job you do not have salary means if you have to earn you have to work all times. What do you think about the richest persons of the world. They also work all time. You also work all time. Where is difference? You work for somebody else for your own bread and butter. However rich persons either work one time or they put number of peoples working for them. The people down the line work for creation of wealth for owners.

It is very painful to know the fact that most people go through their lives on what is called Anti Wealth Plan. It is known as 40/40/40 plan. You work for 40 hours a week for someone for 40 hours and retire with 40 dollars in bank. Of course this is an exaggeration. Here message is that they do not have money when they stop the work. We will take example from worlds wealthiest nation United States. US Social Security board reported that 85 out of 100 American wont possesses as much as 500 dollars at the age of 65. Only 2% of them will be self sustaining and rest are dependent on Family , Church or Government.

The main problem with typical job is that when you stop the money stops. Now come to point. The worlds wealthiest people have known for 100`s of years that if you want financial freedom you must tap at least one of the following.

  1. Residual Income
  2. Leveraged Income

 It is also known as passive or recurring income. Residual  Income is the one that keeps coming months after months, year after year from work you do just once. Its like royalty or rent. For example you get paid repeatedly forever for writing a book or recording a song once only. Wouldn’t be it is absolutely  awesome to have that.

Leveraged income is earning money through other peoples effort. There are only 24 hrs a day hence it limits you how much alone you earn yourself. Here you are leveraging others to earn from you. It is typical in affiliate marketing or MLM`s etc.

 I have specifically written this article from the perspective of online income. You can become wealthy and rich as both options are very much possible with internet. It has been proved by many/ Now it is your turn. Of course before money starts rolling in, you will have to put massive efforts and time with little investment into online business project. You will need lot of patience and determination to see residual and leveraged income in future. Instant overnight gratification in not just possible .Do not get carried by hypes or exaggeration produced on net.

 Do not loose focus of financial freedom with online business. Work with strong commitment.

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