Gold Mine versus Internet Mine

We have learned some very simple methods to earn money online. You must have some insights by the time now. I want to bring your attention to Internet as a Business Model. Once we understand this again we will go back to earning methods in details.

Every business runs on certain strategy, principles and guidelines to make money. This is known as business model. Earlier we compared Internet business with Gold mining. Internet business itself is new business model. It also reinvents traditional business models.

Picks –and – Shovels Business Model

It was a model for gold rush in 1850`s. Gold is mined and exchanged for currency. It is a fact that very few succeeded in Gold mining. Then who succeeded most? They are the basically service providers for Gold Mining. The real real winning business model in the Gold rush was selling picks and shovels to the miners. The same comparison is applicable to new internet business model. Internet businessman requires tools to make money from Internet Mine. I mean extract money from Internet. This is a galvanized Pick and Shovel model of 21 st century.

     Gold Mining Tools

  • Gold mining
  • Blue Jeans
  • Labors
  • Housing
  • Food and Water
  • Land Title Service
  • Pick
  • Shovels
  • Transportation services
  • Maps
  • Tentative Location list
  • Money

      Internet Mining

  • Search Engines
  • Keywords
  • SEO
  • Advertisements
  • Data Analysis
  • Web Creation
  • Affiliate program
  • Domain Name Registration
  • Web hosting
  • Online tracking
  • Training
  • Payment processors
  • E mail Marketing etc.

Model is almost same but lookout is totally changed. Tools are required at both places but of different nature. Is this a new business model? Or is it a same old model with new medium. Just think over on these points and go ahead.

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