Greatest Myth

Greatest Myth

Greatest MythThe greatest myth about Online Income – Success without Efforts / Easy Money. I request all of you to embed one thought on your brain – No efforts No Success. Nobody succeeded without efforts so far and will not happen in future also. This is Universal truth. Is it possible that the strongest animal of forest I mean Lion is thinking to eat goats and goats will rush to cave as per Lions wish. Does any goat will go on its own to Lion. Understand Just wish is not important. Even the king of Jungle has to hunt for his food. If you wish daily to go ahead and do no efforts you will never make progress. If you wish to learn new knowledge do not expect books will open in front of you.

It is you to  grab the books, open it, read it and apply the learning’s. Even if a miracle happens and book gets open in front of you nothing will happen unless you read it on your own. Remember you can take horses to water you cannot force them to drink. Message is simple. Everywhere it is you and you only to drive the action and nobody else. You can not just wait opportunities to come to you. It is you to knock the doors. Even if God gives ready  made opportunity it is again you to work on it. It is You ,You and You only responsible for whatever happening with you. I will put moral in one sentence;

Take 100 % responsibility – You reach your Goal with your own actions. This is the universal truth applicable for everybody everywhere. Needless to say Online Money is exception. Treat Earn Online Money as a mission and take massive action with proper guidance. There are many myths associated with online earning. We will discuss subsequently. Here I have discussed prime one which you should be aware at the start of your journey

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