How to start

How to start

How to startWe understood few basic details of business and business online.  I know you are excited to earn your first dollar  online. I have already mentioned you can earn online money  legitimately. Its new kind of business. You can earn part time/ full time. Income will vary as per your investment in time and money. However I advise to treat this as a second income initially. If you are engaged somewhere do not leave the job. If you are free then start it on full time. No issue. It is absolutely possible to earn online just like offline business. It requires dedication, passion ,investment and business mind. There are multiple ways of earning however you can do it all if you are alone. You have your own methods as per structured plan.  Please follow the steps below to succeed online. These are the initial things at the start .

  1. Arrange resources – Hardware , Time , Small amount of Money.
  2. Start browsing net for first week. Just read few articles, reviews etc using Google Search.
  3. Decide your time target daily / weekly. You must spend this time for this activity to have consistency. Its difficult you to decide money targets at this moment. We will decide later.
  4. Choose few selected ways to earn money depending upon your time. Do not select too many items : it is difficult to manage. I will guide you in subsequent articles.
  5. Start focusing on chosen methods . Make notes of it. Follow a strict time table.
  6. Monitor your progress. Take corrective actions if you are not in line with your targets.

This is a very broad guideline. Once you start you will be in  better position to understand things much better. I repeat here that treat this as your own business. There will not be a boss to you. You have to drive everything. Hence your motivation level must be very high. Stay always charged as if you are completely depending on it. Read lot on line – success stories.

If you follow above path I bet there is no reason why you should fail. Success will be natural outcome.

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