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This site is dedicated to share tested and verified information on various ways to earn money online. Money earning means basically marketing. One has to sell something for exchange of money. You must have read all success stories and must be wondering why only few people are successful .Here we will try to understand the most important element of markets i.e. your customer who is ready to pay you for the service you offer him.

The basic concepts of marketing are same for online and offline marketing. You have to target your customers. Invention of internet has changed the complete concept or rather methods of marketing. New word got coined- Online marketing which was never existed before invention of internet. Online marketing has got many unique features. You can reach worldwide customers within few seconds with few clicks. Internet does not discriminate age, gender, race, religion .Anybody can market anything to anybody on this planet. No physical boundaries exist.  However do not get mislead that it is an easy job. Definitely you can do this with fewer resources but requires new skills.

Who is Your online Customer?

The answer is simple. Internet user is your potential customer.  Internet user is any individual who is using internet for any purpose. Internet can be used via computer (Desktop, Laptop, Tablet), mobile phone, personal digital assistant, gaming machine, digital smart TV etc. The total percentage of internet users is about 45 percent plus of total world population. The estimated number of internet connections is 3,366,260,056. The world population is 7,259,902,243. As per this usage is about is 46.4 percent. This data is taken from the site The status is as on 30 Nov 30 ,2015.

Please understand usage is not uniform all across world. It is denser in developed countries. Find below list of top 20 users as on 30 th June 2015.

NoCountryInternet UsersPercentage to country population
3United states28074253287.4
10United Kingdom5933318491.6

Interesting   Observations of Online Market

2015 – Nearly 74 %(2.4billion) of all internet users in the world (3.3 billion) live in top 20 countries. Remaining 26 % (0.9 billions)is distributed among other 178 countries each represents less than 1 % of total users. China is the country with most users (674 millions)represents nearly 21 % of total users and has more users than next 2 countries (India and United states) Among the top 20 countries India is one with lowest penetration (28%) and having one of the highest growth rate. On the opposite end United states, German. France, UK and Japan have highest penetration over 80%.

What is audience? Audience is nothing but your potential customers.

Audience is nothing but community of internet users. When you do your business online you have to develop your own audience who will visit your site or blog or link. Internet has created an opportunity to sell something to them without speaking a word. However you have to offer some value to your audience. They must return to site frequently and they must see you as a coach or guide. Basically you must have some strong valued content on a chosen niche and other things follows the content like design, color etc.

What your audience is doing on the internet?

Internet users are doing many things on the internet. They may be sending e mails. Viewing the videos, chatting on social network. Searching for something and lot many things. What information I am putting here has got relevance to the marketing which we will see in subsequent chapters. These are the avenues to reach audience worldwide. The numbers are amazing and constantly changing upwards. Please find below some of the data at the time of writing this article on 2 nd Jan 16 at 20.30 hrs as per Indian standard time. These are dynamic figures and changing like seconds hand of clock. (Refer site Internet Live Stats is a part of Real Time Statistics Project. It is a international team of developers. Researchers and Analysts with the goal of making statistics   available in a dynamic and time relevant format available to wide audience around the world.

  1. Internet Users in the World 3277990500
  2. Total Number of Websites 972659500
  3. E mails Sent Today 18880099075
  4. Videos viewed today on you tube 8468542 700
  5. Blog posts Written Today 3587900
  6. Google Searches Today 3882867900

These are the some of sample observations. These figures are dynamic. They increase rapidly up words every second. Refer the site for live status at any given point of time.

Future Trends

The no of active users are on increase every second. As per one prediction 50 % means half of the world’s population will have internet connection by the end of 2016. The penetration in developing countries and underdeveloped countries is much less. There is tremendous scope for growth.

What is relevance of this data for online Earning?

The data here shows how big the online market is. It also shows the fierce competition. But the audience is big enough to accommodate all players at least for next few years. Make use of these data while targeting your audience in numbers. Always plan your strategy on the real data. However to create and reach your audience requires the new skills of marketing which are different and less costly when compared to offline marketing. I hope this information must have given you broad view of online market audience. Please share your views in comment section.

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