Make Books Your Friends


hugabook011912You work in any sphere of life you need motivation to succeed. Motivation is not thing which can be bought from market. Everybody of us is made of blood and flesh. We are living creatures. Everything happening around us has either positive or negative impact on us. Environment or surrounding pushes back for majority of us. It forces like you to think you like masses. If you are lucky you will get good friends or mentors who will encourage you. But what if they are not there ? Do not worry. There is solution for everything in the world.

Make books your friends. Read good motivational books sincerely. They will guide you along the path. Books will always be with you. They will never ditch you. Only thing you have to learn the skill to use them. Simple rule is respect the books. Respect means honour the content of a good book and follow the advice. You will be always on right path. Read b ooks carefully. Make note of it. Act on it.

There are many books in the market. They are available on net or offline. I will name few like The magic of thinking Big by David J. Schwartz, Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill , You can Win by Shiv Khera etc. Make best use of them. They are friends forever always with you.

I will quote small articles, true life examples of spectacular success collected from all sources available. I am sure they will will work as Light House for all of us who are on journey to mega success.

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