Multiple Ways To Earn

Multiple Ways To Earn

Multiple Ways To Earn

You can earn money many ways literally hundreds of ways. You can earn from few pennies to millions of dollars. You can get job on net; you can do business. You can sell your own product or you can sell somebody else`s product. Find below major categories to earn.

  1. Get paid to do some task – You can earn money for doing very simple tasks for advertiser for the cash.
  • Get Paid to Click the advertisement
  • Get paid to read mails in your inbox
  • Get paid to listen music
  • Get paid to view Videos
  • Get Paid to share or express opinion
  • Get paid for typing the data
  • Get paid to search the data
  • Get paid to copy and paste
  • Get paid to translate
  • Get paid to write articles
  • Get paid to play the Games etc
  1. Get Paid to complete Surveys – Many companies / institutes requires data to decide their future products, marketing strategies etc. Survey sites send you the surveys which you have to complete and get compensated for the same.
  2. Affiliate Marketing – There are many established e commerce website across the world. You can join these websites. Select the products you like . You will get a link for the same. Advertise the link on net . If somebody clicks the link and buy the product you get paid your commission. One of the best and proven model. Here you do not have to hold any stock with you. You need not invest a single penny. Affiliate marketing also works for other programs like selling training course etc. , Click Bank , SFI etc are some of the reputed affiliate sites.
  3. Sell your Own Product – You can sell your own product like e book or even a physical product. Here your expenses will be very less when compared with offline marketing.
  4. Stock Trading – You join any brokers site with fee. Stocks can be traded as per market rates. You earn in rising market. You can have different strategies like intraday trading , short term trading, long term trading etc etc. These transactions are completely in digital form. No paper stocks. All stock exchanges worldwide operates completely online.
  5. Binary Trading – This is similar to stock trading. Here you have to estimate the trend and cash the profit. However I do not believe this way of earning the money. Here some persons get good amount of money. Everybody can not win. Winners are paid at the cost of looser. This is like fast money where only few succeeds and majority fails.
  6. AdSense – This is the initiative of Google. Google advertises products across the net. They collect advertisers against cash and distribute the ads across the millions of websites. When a viewer clicks the advertisement the blog owner /website owner gets paid irrespective of whether the product is bought or not. However here you should have a good blog or website having visitors to your site. Google approves your site on certain criteria before getting you advertisements.
  7. Blogging / Website – You can create blog an any subject you like. Create good content and attract the visitors. You can monetize the site through Ad sense , Affiliate marketing, accepting ads at cost, selling your own products etc.

I have listed major categories . Definitely Binary Trading is not a part of this blog at all. We will understand stock trading to some extent but this is not a part of this blog. Please understand each method in general and have insights for the same. Numerous sites or programs are available in each category. Earning potential varies for each case. You can earn pennies by viewing advertisements or you can earn millions of dollars through Ad sense or affiliate marketing. You can refer post Top 15 Online Jobs to Make Money Without investment for more info.

 It is up to you to decide what suits you depending upon your passion and investment in resources. However to succeed you have to learn the basics and marketing techniques. Earning potential is huge for a seasoned marketer. I know one Paid to Click site where people earn 2500 dollars per month over the span of 4 to 5 years by just putting half an hour a day.

 One can earn millions / annum through affiliate marketing. We have so far discussed earn money online concept in general. Each category is a big subject itself. We will discuss in detail one by one. I will also recommend  you some good programs which I have studied and verified. Majority of them are free to join. Once you are familiar with these it is up to you to decide for up gradation. To know more about money making go to

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