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Neobux is one of the most trusted  Paid To Click site on the net. It was launched  on March 25 in the year 2008 by Owner Fernando. You can join this site free as a standard member.

How It Works

Once you join the site you get about 20 to 30 advertisements daily .You will be paid o.oo1 dollars as a standard member after viewing the advertisement. There are various upgrades are available with investment. You earning will increase with each up gradation. The site helps you with all information to succeed . The site also provides other ways to earn like mini jobs, points, coins etc. to earn more money.  I have already discussed in earlier article you can not become rich your own clicks. Never ,Never, Never. You need active down line or referrals with you. Neobux provides 2 types of referrals. Referrals are money makers to you.

  1. Direct Referrals – These people join you with your link provided by Neobux. There is no cost associated with this. They will be always with as long as you both are active. More the number of active referrals more the the income to you.
  2. Rented Referrals – It is not easy to get direct referrals to newbie’s. Neobux gets many members without any sponsor. You can rent these members with cost. Initially you have to buy them for one month and subsequently you can extend them from 15 days to 240 days. More the extension period more the discount.

Referrals either direct or rented are your money earners. They click the ad and you get the money. However you also have to be active daily.If you do not click the ad for a day you will not be paid for your referrals clicks for next day. Rented referrals involves cost. Hence management of these referrals is must to earn profit. Management means extension of referrals for maximum period In time to avail maximum discount, recycling of inert or inactive members etc. The cost involved with rented referrals eats your profit. Hence you have to apply a business approach: constantly monitor the progress and take corrective action.

Earning Potential

You can earn very high amounts depending upon your marketing and business skills. However we will consider normal case only. You can earn 1000 to 1500 dollars per month over a period of 3 years. You have to work like a businessman. Be active daily and do massive marketing with all available means. Manage the rented referrals properly. As your earning grows upgrades steadily upto  ultimate membership to multiply your earnings. The site provides you all information.


One of the best feature –Forum –an interactive platform. You will read many inspiring stories. You will get all help from members free. Please take care about your comments: any negative or misleading write up will lead to termination of your membership permanently. Now do not think much. There is no risk to join. Join free .Nothing to loose. No obligation for up gradation or buying something. Once you establish then you have to spend maximum thirty minutes daily to earn thousands of dollars per month. If you want to grow fast invest for the same. It is safe. However before investing get convinced about the site. Once you get committed then SKY IS THE LIMIT.

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