Paid To Click – Simplest way To Earn Money Immediately.

Paid To Click

Paid To ClickWe have already learnt about one of the most simple way to earn on line – Get Paid to Read. Here is next simple method to earn Paid to Click. Internet has developed many business models on pay per action concept. This we have already  discussed briefly in earlier article – Multiple ways to Earn. I will write a separate article for the same. Here we will understand a simple action online business model PTC i.e. (Paid to Click). Paid to click is an online business model that draws or attract online traffic from people who wants to earn online. People just get paid for very simple action – Click the advertisement and view it . PTC site acts as an platform for advertiser who pay the site owners for display of their advertsments.PTC site attract viewers to click the advertisement and get paid incentive in terms of money.

This is one of the simplest way. It does not require any money for investment at basic level. No any skills required. However earnings are limited at individual level. Generally you are paid 1 cent or less for viewing advertisements for about 30 seconds. If you click individually you will get pennies only. You can never become rich. If it so then why to waste time here ? Yes I agree. Have patience. If you work with your down line you are having chances to earn very decent money with less efforts and investments. PTC sites have a referral scheme. You have to advertise site link and any body joins with your referral link is your down line member.

You will get certain amount when your referral clicks the advertisement. You need active referrals who clicks daily and you get certain amount. It is not an easy task. You have to continuously advertise the PTC link through various techniques like Paid advertisement , free advertisement, social media. Blogs etc. If you this religiously over a period of 2/3 years you have got bright chances to earn decent money to the tune of 1000 or 1500 dollars per month. This is possible only when you have got hundreds of active downline members with you and not otherwise. There are multiple sites which are good one. The average payment pattern is a cent or less for viewing advertisement for few seconds. Some PTC sites add other features like play games, surveys, do some task to earn more money.

Please note there are many fraud sites which offer you a dollar or two for just viewing the advertisements. These are scams. This model does not become viable with such type of unrealistic rewards.  Just ignore them. Do not get tempted, apply your business sense and know the facts. Good sites offer minimum payouts varying from 2 dollars to 10 dollars. Minimum payout is the minimum amount which you can withdraw or cash out depending upon type of membership.

Pros and Cons

These are the simplest ways to earn on line. You do not need any investment or skills. Simply you have to exchange I mean sell your time to advertisers. Your earnings start immediately though it is less at the start. You have to invest very less time per day. You can multiply your income through referrals scheme.

On the Cons side there is one objection from advertisers.PTC sites are visited by the persons who wants to earn by viewing the ad. Definitely majority of them are passive viewers means they are not going to buy anything from you. Yes it is a fact true to some extent. But understand cost of advertising is very less compared to other modes of advertisements. Even few responses may cover your cost.

The biggest advantage to advertisers is that your site / products gets large publicity by millions of views.

Pay Per Click

Pay per click and Paid to click are two different concepts. Do not confuse them with each other. We will discuss the PPC i.e Pay Per Click business model separately which is the backbone of internet market .

I will summarize now. Paid to click is one of the simplest way to earn online in pennies initially. You will never become rich with your own clicks. You can multiply your income with referrals. The income potential from a single reputed site is about 1000/1500 dollars net per month with the horizon of 2 to 3 years continuous work. Do not ignore PTC sites just because they offer you pennies. Work with a long term plan with minor investment.

Now lets gets introduced only 3 / 4 good sites which are established since years and having good track record. Paid to click or Paid to read is only one part of your strategy . It is about only 20 % of your complete efforts. Do not join more than 5 sites as this may consume more neglecting other very important parts like affiliate marketing , Ad sense etc.

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