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Get Paid

Get Paid

We discussed lot about online Income from holistic view. It is just a start. We have to learn many more things like how money is actually exchanged etc. We will discuss same in subsequent articles. Mean while to have some feel know the most simple method to get the money. When you work on computer definitely you go to your in box. Open many unsolicited mails .Now I will tell the way by which you get paid to open and read the mail simply for few seconds. You need not visit to any site.  Mails will come to your e mail box automatically as per your interest. You will be paid instantly when you read /view the same. There are many sites which offer you from 0.001 to 0.02 dollars just for few seconds. I will recommend some good 3 /4 sites which I have tried. Method is so simple that no investment at all. No any extra time. Just read like many other mails. That’s all. Absolutely zero risk.

This earning is in pennies. Does it worth to spend time? I agree with you. You can not become rich just by reading few mails a day. Real income will start when you succeed to refer it others. In all such schemes you have to invite others to join. When they click you will be paid. Means somebody else is your money earner. However you have to learn marketing skills which we will discuss later.

My first and foremost choice is hits4pay. “Multiple Stream” a New York based Advertising company started Hits4pay on April 2000, and since it has became one of the best programs in the Get Paid to read emails industry, you will notice from the ads they send that they are not like other programs.

You get paid 0.02 dollars per mail. You can multiply your income through 2 tier referral scheme. You get 0.01 dollars from both levels. When you join you will get 5 dollars as a sign up bonus. Minimum payout is 25 dollars. You can expect 10 mails per week. Compared to Industry standard the payment offered here is good. You do not have to spend any extra time or money for the same. Lot of help is offered to you to market this site and get referrals. Now no more thinking , Action must. Click the link below and register yourself. Do write to me for any query.

Once again I repeat in all such cases you will earn only through referrals scheme and not with your own clicks.

There are many sites. Do not join each and every site. Join only selected few maximum up to 5. The reason is it is earning drop by drop. It consumes lot of time. However if you use skills to refer new persons this income can become significant with very little efforts. Hits4pay is most trusted site. Keep horizon of 3 years and work with patience. You will find very frustrating that only pennies are being added. However as your active down line grows you will find income growing fast. You also can upgrade yourself to get more ads and incentive which will accelerate your earning.

E mail Pays U


Read mails and get paid. Joining is free. You get 10 dollars bonus. You can multiply income by referring friends and family members. Visit the site and you will find some up gradation options or premium membership wherein you will get assured downline members. There are multiple ways to earn. However earning is pennies and you have to show some patience to accumulate decent money through referrals.


  1. You do not require any money. Can be started as free.
  2. Reinvest and multiply money
  3. If you are good internet marketer really you can leverage referrals and earn very decent money.
  4. You can carry this work on background while doing other work. Hence no major tome to be allotted.


  1. It is a slow earning process. Gestation period is too high.
  2. Getting active referrals is a skilled job
  3. You are totally dependent on referrals. Your own work will never make you rich. It will offer pennies only.
  4. It is very difficult to predict the result.
  5. Work is quite boring and many times it will discourage you due to very slow progress initially.

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