Success Online – Make It Happen In spite of all Odds and Obstacles


success-onlineThis blog is all about how to make money online. Internet technology has offered everybody a great golden opportunity to earn enormous money online if you work for it. It all depends how you think about. If you work like a hobby you will get success like a hobby. If you work as a serious entrepreneur you will succeed beyond your wildest imagination. Online entrepreneurship is a lot of experimentation and investment on time and some money. You have to create your own path learning from others. Definitely it is not a easy task. The same fundamental principles which are applicable for offline business are equally applicable to online business also.

Online success depends not only on hardware but it is more connected with human software that is brain and mind. Everything in this world whether it is success or failure has got its seed in our minds only. Please do not try to find reasons elsewhere. People blame all time to external circumstances overlooking internal frame of mind which is always with them for 24 hrs and 365 days.

What is Success? How to Get it?

If you follow different teachings you will find different definitions. Some definitions are complex while some are simple. Let us not go into those details. In one sentence we can describe success is the desire fulfillment. You plan something and if you achieve the same, then you are a successful person. Motivation, drive, goal, persistence, dream, hard work etc are the some of the words closely related with success.

You have to sow a seed of success in your mind with great belief. Start watering the seed to convert it into a big tree with numerous fruits. Success is never a chance but result of how you nurture the seed in your mind with systematic and persistent efforts.

Here you are reading because you have to achieve a big success online. I am upfront telling you are likely to come across some failures initially. My only message is that `Do Not Quit` but work in right direction with right help. I will quote you many real life examples which will help you to remove negative blocks in your mind. These inspiring examples will motivate you online also. You will get everything in your life if you demand for it. Supreme power of nature will help you to get all things you desire if you work for them. Follow success principles. Program your mind for success.

Read the following real life examples of super successes and Learn to get it in spite of all odds.

Failures after failures: Not a problem at all

Read this famous story of a great political leader. Failed in business at the age of 21; Defeated in a legislative race at age 22: Failed again in business at age 24; Died his sweetheart at age 26; Had a nervous breakdown at age 27: Lost a congressional race at the age 34; Lost a sensational race at age 45; Failed in an effort to become vice president at the age 47; Lost a senatorial race at age 49;

Finally was elected topmost position of President of the United States at the age 52

Can you guess who this great personality was? This was none but one of the great leaders of USA: Mr. Abraham Lincoln. Failures after failures were not a problem at all for Mr. Lincoln. So never quit: make efforts and efforts till you succeed.

No formal education: Not a problem at all

This is a story of world’s greatest inventor. One day a partially deaf four year old child came home with a note in his pocket from his teacher, “Your Tommy is too stupid to learn, get him out of school”. His mother shocked and deeply hurt. She replied back “My Tommy is not too stupid to learn, I will teach him myself” And that Tommy grew to become world’s most successful inventor. I think you have guessed it right. He is Thomas Edison who has only three months of formal schooling. Deafness and lack of formal education did not prevent him to reach success destination. All his life he made efforts and efforts. For some of his inventions he made efforts up to thousand times. Thomas Edison failed approximately 10.000 times while he was working on the light bulb.

Old age and disaster: Not a problem at all

This is again a story of Thomas Edison. Thomas Edison was 67 in 1914. He lost his factory the same year when he was old. Factory was not covered with sufficient insurance. No longer a young man, Edison watch his lifetime effort go up in smoke and said,” There is great value in disaster. All our mistakes are burnt up. Thank God We can start anew.”In spite of this great disaster, three weeks later, he invented the phonograph at the age of 67. What a strong mind and attitude: Unbelievable but a 100 % real fact.

I am sure a message must have reached to all of you. The examples I quoted here are true and very prominent examples of grand success from real life. You may come across certain difficulties on wealth acquiring journey online. Just try to recollect these true stories: it will give you necessary strength.  Success is very much possible in spite of all odds. It is only you to decide: Success is your decision. Never, never quit. Make it happen in spite of all odds and obstacles.

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